Kids disco games a party for the kids might seem like a piece of cake, but in fact, it is a really challenging job that demands a lot of knowledge and experience as well. A disco party for kids needs to be a lot more than just a couple of popular songs playing all the time; it needs to include music, games, dance competitions, etc. And make no mistake, these game will mean the difference between a really successful party and a failed one. That is why people who plan to become children’s party entertainers need to know a thing or two about these games, and which ones of these they could use to turn their kids party into an even better one.

If there is nothing to do during a party except listening to music and dancing, the children’s mind will start to wonder off, because their attention span is really short. A good entertainer knows how to keep them of their seats and off their mobile phones, and games are just perfect for that! However, not every game is good for this, because the elimination games are something that should be avoided at all costs – the eliminated kids will just go back to their seats, sad about being eliminated, and burying their heads in their phones, not caring one bit for the rest of the party.

A great game for any kids party can be the game called the Musical Statues. This is really popular with the small children, and it works by the DJ stopping the music at one point and telling the children to make an animal pose when he does that. You can even pick out a theme for the party, like the African wild animals party, or the pet animals party, etc. Or they don’t even have to make an animal pose; the children can make their favourite superhero pose, or their favourite athlete pose, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Limbo is, of course, one of the most popular party games of all time, both with kids and the adults. However, the kids are more nimble, and this game suits them a lot better. They just need to walk under a pole with the sound of music in the background, and with each turn, the pole gets lowered more and more. This game is great because it catches attention from all the people at the party, and no one will wish to just sit back and not watch it or take part in it. The kids can also dance away while waiting for their turn at this game!

3963188These are just two examples of the games that the children could play at a kids disco, but every children’s entertainer can just make up more of them; it’s no rocket science, and you just have to give the kids a fun task to do while listening to the music in the background. The key here is making the kids have a great time, and not forcing them to do so. A good kids disco game will make the kids jump up and be a part of it, and will be the difference between a really successful disco party for kids and a failed one.

Kyle Baxter

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