Insights Into Growing Marketing Trends in South America

Lately ComScore and some other sources as well, have published data about the online markets of a few South American countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay. So, we went through the results and extracted the necessary facts for every market so that professionals in advertising, marketing and media can optimize their digital ad campaigns in these countries. General Ground Before going into detail with data for specific countries, it is important to see some certain similarities that were found in South America’s online market.

  1. The largest part South of American Internet users are young. Approximately, nearly eighty percent of South American Internet users are between fifteen and forty four years old. Internet users between fifteen and twenty four 24 are the largest subgroup in all the countries, and represent between 30% and 40% of the total.


  1. Social media takes up the majority of the time online spent by Internet users in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. So, as you can see social media rules. You can find detailed statistics about these figures and marketing information here:
  1. Most traffic goes to five key site categories. Beside from social media, the website categories that take up the most time of South American Internet users are services, entertainment, multimedia and portals.
  1. Facebook dominates the social scene. Although it is no surprise that Facebook is massively popular in these markets, one data point out that South American Internet users spend approximately ninety percent of their time on social sites on Facebook. That suggests that campaigns on other social sites—which in total take up around ten percent of the total time that South Americans spend on social media—are much less possible to reach the average Internet user, even though they could deliver some good results with specific sections.

  1. Some new social sites are coming up. A number of new social sites are growing strongly in South America, such as MeetMe, and Vostu. It is important to see that none of them have the traffic to seriously challenge the established giants such as Facebook, at least not in the predictable future.
  2. Online shopping and banking are gaining ground. South American online markets are showing major growth in terms of the use of both retail sites and also banking sites. Also, users in South America seem to favor similar types of retail sites, including those for food, furniture, cosmetics, clothes and movies.

For example, let’s take a look at ARGENTINA ONLINE

– There is an even split in gender between Argentine Internet users: fifty percent are men, fifty percent are women.

– Every Argentine Internet users spends an average of twenty two hours per month online: The only South Americans who spend more time online than Argentines are Brazilians, with thirty three hours per user per month.

– Ninety five percent of Argentine Internet users visit news sites compared to the global rate of seventy nine percent.

– Argentina is third in the world in terms of the amount of hours every of its internautas spends on social media: nine hours per month, with Italy at second place (nine and a half hours per month) and Brazil is number one (thirteen hours per month)

– Fifty percent of Argentines visit sports sites, a higher percentage than that of Latin America (forty four percent) and the global average (thirty nine percent).

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